A Christmas story: How a small business prepares for the busiest time of year

Running a business can be hard – just ask Charlotte, owner of Boo’s Toy Shop in Dorchester. Her shop generates 60% of its sales over the Christmas period, which can be a challenge, especially given her competition: large chains and online retailers.

That’s why Charlotte credits her customers, who love to support local business, as playing a huge role in her success. She shows her appreciation by offering thank-you gift bags filled with wine, chocolates and activities for the children. She also hosts preview nights and participates in a local advent day, which she finds are a great way to foster community ties.

But building relationships isn’t the only way Charlotte keeps her customers coming back. She rewards them with discounts and loyalty cards, and also relies on flyers (complete with her company website) as a way of keeping her business top of mind.

Most of all, as challenging as owning a business can be, Charlotte always remembers to have fun. She sees that attitude as infectious and a reason why her customers come back to Boo’s, year after year.

Watch the video below to hear her story:

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