Promote your business with banners.

Stand out at crowded events or attract more customers to your shop. Here are some easy ways to get attention and gain a competitive advantage.

Get recognised at trade shows, farmers markets, job fairs & more.

Think quality, visibility and practicality.

Well-attended venues offer great opportunities to get attention – and customers. But they are also full of competition, so it pays to plan your sign strategy wisely.

  • Create strong, portable banners that are easy to set up, transport and take down.
  • Use eye-catching designs, minimal messaging and large, simple font to be seen easily.
  • Choose a size that stands out from a distance, but is not overwhelming, closer up.
  • Display your logo to build brand awareness and guide customers to your booth.
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Hang signs at your shop - inside & out - to attract customers.

Impress with a consistent, professional message.

Convey a cohesive look with banners that match your shop’s style and marketing.

  • Announce grand openings and seasonal sales on fences, walls and windows.
  • Promote special products and in-shop events with vertical banners in stands.
  • Display permanent shopfront signs that capture attention and resist fading.
  • For a clean look, use simple, eye-catching designs and one or two fonts.
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Consider these additional tips when customising your banner

Choose the right sizes and materials for your settings:

  • Will your banner be displayed in a small venue or at a crowded event?
  • For outdoors, choose tear and fade-resistant vinyl that holds up in any weather.
  • For indoors, lighter-weight, easy-to-transport material is a great choice.

Select the display options your need for your banner:

  • Easy-setup, portable stands come in different styles for various needs.
  • Metal eyelets provide an easy and sturdy way to hang your banner.
  • Rope and zip ties are great hanging options for banners with eyelets.

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