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Awake NY

Founded by Creative Director Angelo Baque in 2012, this streetwear brand exists to showcase the experience and diversity of New York City.

Order by 10 December for Christmas delivery.

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Launched in 2012, by Angelo Baque, Awake NY captures the unique cultural spirit and sensibility of New York City. Awake NY is a reflection of the diversity that has defined the city's cultural landscape. Simultaneously classic and contemporary, Awake NY evokes both the changing aesthetic vibrancy and the timelessness of New York.

Our high-quality reusable face masks are designed with replaceable filters and stylish graphics for parents and children. 
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Keith Haring

The iconic Haring came of age in the 1980s, creating expressive pop art that started on the NYC subway and grew to be exhibited in galleries around the world.

Order by 10 December for Christmas delivery.