Metal Spacers

Stainless steel with a polished finish 
Come with wall anchors and rubber washers
Available in packs of 2 (for most sizes)
Let us help you with your design
Pack amount
2 Spacers
Price £14.99 ...

Prices include VAT

Product Specifications

Materials, bleeds, margins, etc.

The most professional way to hang your signs.

Add depth and style to your metal or acrylic signs with our modern-looking metal spacers. Don’t want your message to fade into the background? Make it stand out by having it literally pop off the wall. Plus, set up is a breeze with the simple instructions below.

Easy setup guide
• First, position your sign using a level.
• Use a pencil to mark the centre of where the drilled holes are.
• Unscrew the top part of the spacer from the bottom.
• Drill the bottom part of each spacer into the wall using the included screws and anchors.
• Hold your sign over the mounted bases, putting rubber washers between them and your sign.
• Screw on the caps, with another rubber washer between them and your sign.

Q: How big is each spacer?
A: Each spacer is 8 mm wide, and the drilled holes they go through are 14.5 mm.

Q: What are spacers made of?
: Our spacers are made of stainless steel, and the rubber washers are made of nylon.

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