Sign Accessories

Get your signage seen with this collection of sign accessories – from frames and stands to lights and more.

Liquid chalk pen

Liquid chalk pens

Great for use on our chalkboard signs – and on glass, plastic, metal and more. (4 per pack, all white.)
Light and accessory carry cases

Light and accessory carry cases

A convenient and safe way to pack and transport your lights.


Lightweight, portable stands that you can set up in seconds. (Storage bag included.)

Pop up display frames

Durable, dependable frames to go with your pop-up.
Trolley cases for pop-up displays

Trolley cases for pop-up displays

Our easiest, most convenient way to get your pop-up display to and from exhibitions.
Display lights

Display lights

Portable and powerful lights that help you (and your messaging) get noticed.
Metal spacers

Metal spacers

Give your signs depth by mounting them with sleek, modern-looking spacers.
Aluminum rail

Poster Rails

These professional-looking rails install easily and fit any of our vertical poster sizes. 
poster frame

Poster Frames

If you use posters to pass along important information or tell customers about current offers, you need easy access to them.
Command Strips

Command™ Strips

Get the best of both worlds – a strong hold, but easy, mess-free removal. (4 pairs per pack.)
LED Snap Frames

LED Snap Frames

Get people’s attention with backlit poster frames.