Car Door Decals

Advertise your business anywhere you go. 
Adheres to curved or flat surfaces
3M™ Controltac™provides safe, long-lasting hold
Safe for car or truck paint
Clear or white decals available 
Weather-resistant and waterproof
Available in 12 different sizes

For a more flexible option that's easy to move or reposition, check out our Car Door Decals. If you'd like to use your car window space, check out our Car Window Decals.

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60 x 60 cm
60 x 90 cm
90 x 120 cm
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30 x 60 cm
40 x 60 cm
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Get your business noticed – on the job and on the go – with custom car door decals.

Ready to make the most of your commute, errands or appointments? Adding car door decals to your vehicle is a time-tested way to get your business name and logo seen by potential customers or clients. Fully customisable and made of weather-resistant vinyl, our vehicle decals are easy to apply and maintain for up to three years at a time.

To start creating your personalised decals, first choose your background material – see-through clear or solid white. (If you choose white, you can cover the entire decal with any colour or pattern you’d like.) Then pick the right size for your intended placement, whether you’re creating truck door decals or branding for the back of a van. Then create your decal, whether you’d prefer to upload a custom design or explore our assortment of design templates. Your decal will arrive crisply printed and ready to stick around.

Application Guide

With three steps, you can get your car door decals in place and ready to go.

Wash your vehicle surface with mild soap and water, then dry.

Peel your decal off its backing. Place it on the door or side panel.

Start from the center and use a flat edge to remove bubbles.

Decal Material: Clear vs. White Options

Trying to decide between clear or white car door decals? Here are the benefits of each option.


Clear custom car door decals make your design look like it’s painted onto the vehicle.


Solid backgrounds (in white or your choice of colours) make decals easier to read.

Display: Side vs. Back Placement

Give your vehicle decal its best chance to get noticed with these tips.

Side Display

Park on the street? Give drivers and pedestrians a chance to notice your decal as they pass by.

Back Display

If you drive in heavy traffic, entice other drivers to check out your business while they wait.
Are car door decals right for you?

Vistaprint offers a variety of customisable car signs. Check out each option below.

Car Door Decals

• 12 sizes, up to 60 cm x 90 cm
• Solid vinyl film 
• Apply once
• Lasts up to 3 years


Best for: Long-term display

Car Window Decals

• 12 sizes, up to 60 cm x 90 cm
Solid or perforated vinyl film
• Apply once
• Lasts up to 3 years


Best for: Side or back windows

Car Magnets

• 12 sizes, up to 60 cm x 90 cm
• Magnet
Easy to take off & reapply
• Lasts up to 2 years


Best for: Short-term display

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will my car door decal last?
A: With proper care and use, vehicle decals can be used for about three years. At that point, we strongly recommend replacing your decal, using heat to do so. See the following question for details.

Q: What’s the best way to take my decal off my vehicle?
A:If you’ve used your decal for more than two years, we recommend you heat the surface of your car with a hair dryer (not a heat gun) before you start to take the decal off. This will help the decal come off smoothly and reduce the risk of paint damage. Just heat the decal and the surface, pull from a corner and gently pull the decal off, using extra heat if needed. If you’ve used the decal for less than two years, using an oil-based adhesive remover should do the trick.

Q: Should I match my car decal to the colour of my vehicle?
A: If you’ve chosen a white vinyl car door decal, you can take advantage of our full-colour printing options – and we recommend that you choose a background in a different (yet complementary) colour than your vehicle. Not only does this help your decal stand out, it’s the easiest way to create a consistent look across vehicles of different colours. Just be sure to keep your messaging and design simple and clear.

Q: Can I put a decal on a new paint job?
A: No, you’ll want to wait for the paint curing process to finish. This is also the case if you’ve added a new clear coat or wax to your car. The recommended wait time is 90 days for a new coat of paint, 60 days for a clear coat and 2 days for wax.

Q: Can I keep my car door decal on while I wash my car?
A: Yes.

Q: What type of adhesive is used?
A: Transparent polyacrylate – a removable, pressure-sensitive adhesive.

Q: Where should I put my car decal?
A: The best answer for your decal may depend on your specific vehicle. If you’re working with a larger pickup truck, you can take advantage of the size of a side door. Vans can benefit from side panel decals and back door decals – especially if you often find yourself in heavy traffic.

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